Monday, March 26, 2012

Who doesn't want a nicer world?

That is a serious question, with a more serious and scary discussion behind it. But let's for a second just imagine a more tolerant world. It would be a place where everyone is accepted, no matter what. Well, one show has dared to imagine a more tolerant world: Husbands, The Series. Husbands, from writers Brad Bell and Jane Espenson, is the first show that shows what the world might be like after we have a national amendment approving Gay Marriage. It follows two celebrities that get married one night in Vegas, and they try to make it work. In the end, they are just like any couple because they are in love.

Take a look at the first episode and you will be hooked:

Wasn't that great?! Now that you are in love, make sure that you help Husbands continue! They are raising money for the second season and are so close to their goal! Check out their kickstarter video now!

Go to their Kickstarter page now and support the world's first marriage equality comedy! Entertainment changes the world, so hopefully Husbands will be an important step in making our world a more tolerant place.

I understand that this can be a volatile issue, so please be nice in the comments below.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mmmm Pi!

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In case you didn't realize, today is every math nerd's favorite day.....Pi Day!  Yes, today is 3.14159265....well you get the idea.  Pi is awesome, fun and very nerdy.  Take the time to celebrate those continuing numbers with your family and friends and to irritate your boss!

I remember my first Pi day.  I was in 6th grade, and we had a fun math teacher that had the whole grade gather to talk Pi.  We all had to write papers about the history of Pi for a contest and mine won honorable mention!  I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but I was very anti-homework back then.  It got in the way of my reading pile.  Funnily enough, we even had ice cream cake that was shaped like 3.14.  This is one of my most treasured memories, just because it was so much fun.

If you think that walk down memory lane was cheesy, just think about this: Pi is not perfect, yet never ending.  Sounds pretty profound, huh?

Enjoy your very own slice of Pi today!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Fairest #1 Review

I'm not sure what I expected for Bill Willingham's latest "Fables" spin-off, but I found myself both a little disappointed and wonderfully surprised. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Johnny Wander at the Midtown Book Club!!!

From left to right: Ananth, Yuko, John and Conrad.

As always, I had a blast at the February Midtown Comics Book Club.  February's book was Johnny Wander: Vol 1.  The creators, Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota, were there to answer all of our crazy questions. I was also excited that John and Conrad (few of the books' stars) were in the audience.  As always, Thor and Zoe hosted the affair to a packed audience!

In case you haven't read Johnny Wander yet, it is a web comic that follows the real life antics of Ananth, Yuko and their friends.  Yep, this one is totally true.  It is written by Ananth and drawn by Yuko.  While it doesn't have a storyline, reading it is like reading a comic about myself.  It is cute and funny, and also something they are comfortable with their parents seeing!

The two of them have been working on JW for 4 years.   When coming up with the title, they chose Johnny Wander because it could be anything, not just a comic.  That way, if they branched out to other ventures, the name still fit.  Their original intent was that JW would be a side project.  However, it became so popular that it's become their main source of income.

Thor asked them why they went with a story a day rather than overarching plot, and Ananth said that each character is easy to pick up for new readers.  Yuko added that time-wise it is easier to keep up with as well.

Then they were asked just how they decide what makes it into the comics?  Actually, some things don't make it because all of their parents read JW.  Both of them said that they avoided using inside jokes to make it easier for readers to follow along.  Yuko did say that they ask before they use a story. The stories that did make it in were lightened up a bit so they were funnier rather than dark.  One story that fits this bill perfectly is the ant story.  It is funnier because John admitted at the book club that he has a deathly fear of ants!

I take good pictures!

Finally, I got to ask my question!  At the beginning of the book, there is a very sweet quote that I just love.  I wanted to know where it came from and it turns out that Yuko wrote it.  As she puts it, Ananth has no rhythm, so poetry is just out of the question.  On the flip side, Ananth did draw one comic, which looks pretty close to the rest of them.

This was a super fun night, and now Johnny Wander made it into my web comics bookmark folder.  Definitely check it out, you really won't regret it.  The March book is The Stuff of Legend, and creators Mike Raicht and Charles Paul Wilson III will be there!  Come on down and join us!

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