Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Gift Idea: CBLDF Membership

Hitting the wall for gift ideas?  Stuck with shopper's block?  Well, we are here to help with some random gift ideas for every boy and girl.  Every once and while, we will post one item that will probably fit one person on your list.  Plus, we will personally approve all of the gifts we suggest!  These are [IGH approved], so have no fear!

For the comic geek that has read everything, get them the opportunity to keep reading by defending their rights. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has been protecting the rights of comic readers and creators since 1986. You can buy them a gift membership, which comes with an amazingly beautiful card designed each year by a comic artist. I'm just excited to say I'm a card-carrying geek!

If your comic geek is already a member, then you can take a look in the CBLDF store at all of the amazing goodies they have. Just remember, CBLDF is a non-profit, so every dollar you spend is helping.

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