Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Links for May 23

The Dark Knight Rises released a really, really creeping chanting on their homepage this week.  Some fans went the distance though and cracked the code.  Did you figure it out or cheat like me?  (via Mashable)

In San Diego Comic Con buzz this week, a group of comics writers and artists decided to create a free-entry creative experience for con goers.  Trickster will provide a commercial opportunity for creators and fans to communicate as well as a nightclub spot for relaxation.  This seems like a great idea and makes me even sadder that I'm not going.  (via Comics Alliance)

With all of the sellout announcements recently, how does that really affects the comic creators?  Jason Wood breaks it down and shows how it impacts the creators, local comic shops and fans.  (via iFanboy)

In a rant after my own heart, Amy Ratcliffe wrote a great piece about the misspellings of Star Wars.  Everyone should read this!!! (via geek with curves)

In case you need a new computer or just want one, now is the time to go PC shopping.  With every new Microsoft PC, you get a free Xbox 360.  That's an awesome deal if you ask me.  (via Mashable)

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