Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Links for September 18

Another week of fun and flights of fancy!  Here are the highlights...

They caught the sleazebag that stole part of a Superman collection from Mike Meyer.  Meyer has gotten his collection back but since this story has broken, his collection has doubled.  He plans on donating the items he has received in order to spread the wealth.  Mr. Meyer, we salute you!
(via Robot 6)

Fox announced that they are developing a pilot for the DC character The Spectre.  I'm not feeling too hopeful, especially since they canceled their last comic property.
(via Comic Book Resources)

With all of the fall premieres starting up, I wrote a plea to TV executives everywhere to not cancel shows too quickly.  Hopefully someone heard me but I'm doubtful....
(via [insertgeekhere])

The DC 52 isn't just reworking storylines, they seem to be reworking their staff too.  This week marked the resignation of John Rozum from Static Shock.  
(via Bleeding Cool)

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Until next week.....

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