Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Links for July 17

Less than a week to go until San Diego Comic Con!  While IGH is not attending....*tears.......if you are, please send in any fun things you find out and we will post them!  Just email us at insertgeekhere (at) gmail dot com.

For everyone not attending, SiriusXM radio is dedicating a whole channel to con news.  Great way to catch some of the action as it happens.
(via MTV Geek)

For anyone in the NYC area that isn't attending SDCC, come and join us (yes, we will be there) at the Midtown Comics Not at Comic Con Party!  Fun contests, prizes and autographs gone wild!
(via Midtown Comics)

Did you ever dream of opening your own comic book store?  Well, now Marvel wants to help you do just that.  They will be providing a ton of support including promotion items, support from Marvel and Diamond staff, social media recognition, crazy big discounts and of course free comics!
(via The Beat)

LucasFilm proves what it means to be a big studio when it shuts down a small Star Wars marathon in Brooklyn, NY.  While I understand their need to protect the copyright, I doubt that this was going to eat into profits that much.
(via Cinema Blend)

EA announced that they purchased PopCap Games this week, which means one thing.  Bejeweled as a first-person shooter for XBox!  A person can dream!
(via Cinema Blend)

My personal favs, Seth Green and Matt Senreich, have started a new show on YouTube called Stoopid Monkey.  Featuring the cutest monkey ever, there are a few funny shorts up with new eps every Friday.
(via StoopidMonkey)

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