Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our First Giveaway ended with a Guest Judge!!

We had our first giveaway for a snazzy copy of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, signed by the great Rick Riordan.  For this giveaway, we assigned each entry a number and had our guest judge pick.  Our guest judge was none other that one of the most hated men in Buffy Fandom, @Bitsyrant of BuffyFest!  Yes, we know that he isn't quite the most hated but he is getting pretty close.  He is waiting for some Hate Fan Fic about him, so if you are bored.....

Our first winner is...... @Hakkaiduo!!  We do know that she is excited and had this to say
"*Flails* OMG yay!!!" and "I won an Autographed Percy Jackson Book!! Eeeee!!!! *flails* thank you" 

All of us are happy that she is so excited and hope that she didn't injure herself with all of that flailing. ;)

We have some good stuff in the works so keep watching for more awesome giveaways!

New York Comic Con 2010: Quickie Recap - Day 1

Day one of New York Comic Con is over and we are now slowly recovering and preparing for day two. We'll go into more details about the panels after NYCC but here's a brief recap of the day for the IGH team.

Getsuyobi and I got on to the exhibition hall around 12-12:15. We had all upgraded to the VIP passes and that alone made it worthwhile. Wilderowens, unfortunately, had to deal with her day job and joined us about an hour later. We walked around the somewhat empty floor, checking out the booths and picking up fun, free swag. Video games were tested, Yeti codes were looked for with blacklights over at the Animal Planet booth (check it out, it's awesome!), we got to see some amazing costumes and then we headed over to the Cultyard.

The Cultyard was cool. We saw a lot of great vendors. One of our favorites was the RockLove. Her jewelry is amazing. Wilderowens and I each got the Zydrate Gun necklace. We will be talking more about RockLove later on. We also got to make good on a promise to bring cookies to Marvel's own Jeff Suter. While on our quest to find him, we also got to meet Tim Dillon, which made me happy because I've been following him on Twitter for a long time and wanted to say hi. Then Wilderowens went in search for the elusive and coveted Frank Miller signing bracelet and Getsuyobi and I went downstairs to enjoy overpriced pretzels, sit and chat with tired Con goers and check out the panels.

This is the point of the adventure where we hit some troubled waters. Stan Lee was going to be doing a panel after one I had really wanted to go to. The plan had been to go to the X-Men panel and stay for Stan Lee. However, because the Stan Lee Guardian panel involved tickets to a signing with Stan, the room was to be emptied after X-Men. Since meeting Stan is a huge opportunity, the decision was made to give up X-Men and wait on line for Stan. Getsuyobi and I snagged a spot right at the front of the line and Wilderowens joined us shortly, her quest for the bracelet ending in disappointment. :(  We camped out on the line for nearly two hours and made friends with several of the people around us, including the gal who will eventually become Slutty Big Bird and Deadpool. 

The panel information says that in order to go to that signing, attendance at the Guardian panel was required, but no one knew how that was going to be handled. We had hoped that by getting on line early, they would be handing out tickets at the door and the first 60-100 people who got in would get the tickets. It turned out not to be the case. We were all let into the room and during the panel, told to check under our seats for a ticket. I don't know how we got so lucky but all three of us scored a ticket and we're going to meet Stan Lee on Sunday!!! We're so excited about this but do wish they had been a little clearer about what was going to happen.

After we got out and finished celebrating our ridiculously amazing good fortune, we headed over to catch the second half of the "Note to the Spiderman IV Movie People: Be True to Your Parker" with Tom DeFalco and, who I think was, Fred Van Lente. It was a fun fan forum-type panel that had a very funny crowd. Then we had hoped to learn more about how to be better bloggers at the Geek's Guide to Podcasting and Blogging panel but were disappointed to find it was a panel entirely about podcasting. Oh well. We were all starving at that point anyway, so we cut out early and went to Ben's Restaurant for dinner.

At Ben's, they were having a rehearsal for their new interactive comedy, The Bar Mitzvah of Harry Boychick. It was interesting trying to eat dinner with people coming up to you, trying to get you to participate but the best part was just as we were getting ready to head over to the Geek Girls Network tweet up, the drama started to unfold and getting out was a little difficult. We wanted to know what happened but we also really wanted to leave. It looks like it'll be a really fun show and we'll try to come back and see it.

The tweet up was held at Stitch Bar & Lounge and featured the music of Kirby Krackle. Lots of fun was had, though it was a little difficult to hear the person standing next to you. We got to meet new people and catch up with others we hadn't seen in a while. We then decided it was time for sleep and headed home, hoping to go to bed at a semi-respectable hour, so we'd be ready for day two of the con because day two is always more insane than day one. More people, more panels, more chaos, and more fun!  We are doing our best to tweet when we can, so keep watch on our twitter @IGHInsider!

Stay tuned for Quickie Recap - Day 2! - Wysefyre