Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Links for December 11th

We lost a piece of living comic history this week with the passing of Jerry Robinson. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Robinson at MoCCA last year. He was a very nice gentleman who told us what it was like to create all of the iconic characters we love and the behind the scenes juicy gossip. I am so glad that I got that chance, and I will cherish the experience for the rest of my life.
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Marvel just asked for geek girl wrath this week when Tom Brevoort put his foot in his mouth about the lack of female Marvel characters.
(via The Mary Sue)

If the Teletubbies weren't bad enough, Fox News has confirmed the The Muppets are anti-corporations. I heard that they are investigating the Scooby gang for socialism.
(via Zap 2 It)

Diamond Comics released the full list of Free Comic Book Day titles this week. I am especially excited for the Buffy/Guild flipbook and the DC 52 book. I'm disappointed that Marvel is reprinting a bad Avengers comic.
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