Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Links for March 27th

Welcome to the evening edition of Sunday Links. This past week brought some fun and exciting news.

Marvel announced a new team-up this week....with Starbucks. Coming in April to each Starbucks is free streaming access to Marvel's Digital Comics. Do you think they are ready for the geek invasion?

The Egypt revolution changed the world, and now we will get to see what exactly was changed. Magdy El Shafee wrote the graphic novel "Metro" in 2008, but it was banned in Egypt. Now it is going to be published in English and hopefully, it will be allowed to publish again in Egypt.

Jill Pantozzi, aka The Nerdy Bird, announced this week that she will be a judge on the upcoming geek game show, Geek vs. Geek. It's a chance for geeks to put their brains to the test and see who really is the top geek. You can still try out for the show if you think you got what it takes; just be glad that Jill is judging and not competing. ;)

I'm sure every artist wishes they could go back to their early work and make it better, or at least make it go away. That's what Ryan Ottley did, by actually burning original art from his early years. At least some of the pages were from early issues of Invincible, which means he burned a lot of money.

I am already excited for Superman, and this news just makes it even better. Amy Adams is the new Lois Lane. She is a phenomenal actress in every role I have seen her in, from her guest role on Buffy, to her starring roles in Doubt, Julia & Julie, and The Fighter.

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