Monday, August 22, 2011

Win a Copy of Lost at the Con!

Welcome to [insertgeekhere]’s New York Comic Con countdown!

With NYCC a mere two months away, we felt now would be the time to start whipping up everyone into a con frenzy as we get ready for our main event of the year. To kick things off, we are giving away a copy of Lost at the Con.

Written by award winning filmmaker, columnist, author, editor (is there anything he does not do?) Bryan Young, Lost at the Con tells the story of Cobb, an alcoholic political journalist, who is forced to take an assignment at the sci-fi/fantasy convention, Griffin*Con.

With references to Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and many more, anyone reading this will have a great time figuring out what or who Cobb is talking about as he dives into the world of geekdom.

From cosplay to slash fiction to paying exorbitant amounts of money for autographs and pictures, Cobb spends his time trying to figure out what makes the attendees tick while he is also going through some intense personal issues and questioning his own life.

Young’s writing is direct and keeps a quick pace. The book is funny and smart and thought provoking. That is why it is the perfect book for geeks and non-geeks alike. So follow Cobb on his wild ride and enter now!

To enter, like our Facebook page and fill out the entry form. A winner will be selected on August 29th.

Expect the next 8 weeks to be filled with giveaways, advice, maps, and other fun-filled con related goodies.

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