Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Links for May 1

This week was a roar of craziness as Superman renounced his US citizenship in Action comics #900.  Even Fox News got to put their two cents in.  Considering he was never from Earth to begin with, I'm not that broken up about it.  As Bleeding Cool let us know, Superman has always been a citizen of the world.

This week was the Royal Wedding and geeks marked it by looking at some of the many geek weddings.  And while most geeks didn't really understand the royal fascination, Nicole Wakelin let us know why we should not mock those people that do.

Happy Birthday to Kickstarter, who celebrated their 2nd b-day by releasing their stats.  It is so amazing to see just how many dreams came true with the money raised by us ordinary people. 

Today kicks off the start of the Geek Girls Book Club with The Hobbit.  Thanks again to Ginia Bellafante for the great book suggestion.  Not a girl?  No problem, guys are welcome to join too!

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