Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random Gift Idea: The Homeland Directive

Hitting the wall for gift ideas?  Stuck with shopper's block?  Well, we are here to help with some random gift ideas for every boy and girl.  Every once and while, we will post one item that will probably fit one person on your list.  Plus, we will personally approve all of the gifts we suggest!  These are [IGH approved], so have no fear!

Looking for a comic gift? Then check out The Homeland Directive by Robert Vendetti and Mike Huddleston. The story follows Dr. Laura Regan as she tries to find out why the U.S. government is trying to kill her.  She is helped by a trio of rogue federal agents as they try to unravel this mystery before they get caught.  Conspriacies run throughout the book as you see just a glimpse of secret government dealings. The suspense had me on the edge of my seat.

Whether you are surprised by the ending or see it coming, the realism will definitely terrify you. After reading The Homeland Directive, you will never look at a news report the same way again.  This book is a great gift for your conspiracy theorist friend or your politically-minded parent!  You can find it at your local comic shop or at Top Shelf Productions.

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