Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Links for June 19th

Happy Sunday! Here are a few fun links between drinks at my cousin's wedding!

We were told that Uncanny X-Men was canceled but that was a Marvel trick. Instead, it is coming back as two separate series after the schism event.
(via Comics Beat

With all of the changes at DC, have you been wondering who is being left out in the cold? Check out this look at some of the comic creators just relaxing.
(via iFanboy

Mark Millar decided to leave Marvel for creator-owned work. Does this mean I will finally get more Kick-Ass and Superior issues?

In just plain awesome news, the man who always dies on screen seems to be invincible in real life. Sean Bean was stabbed outside of a bar defending his date, then just patched himself up and kept drinking. Awesome.
(via Cinema Blend

In stupid but fun news, NASA found a glowing green light right before the Green Lantern came out. Hmmm.....
(via iFanboy)  

In happy, celebratory news, DC comics co-publisher and comics superstar Jim Lee announced that he and his wife will be adding a new member to their family. Congratulations Jim and Carla Lee!
(via Twitter)

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