Monday, February 2, 2015

Andrew Jackson is a Jerk!

Yeah, he wasn't known as a warm, fuzzy or caring guy.  But this is especially true in the upcoming comic book Andrew Jackson in Space!  I am crazy excited for this book, mostly because it combines history and space, which I both love.

Now this book isn't going to just happen magically, thought that would be cool.  It's currently on Kickstarter, already fully funded but still needs to hit some stretch goals.  If the title doesn't sell it, then check out this description from creator Brian Visaggo:

In 1801, future President Andrew Jackson woke up on the far side of the galaxy. This lunatic frontier bastard is using every ounce of wit, courage, cunning, and unprovoked violence to make his way home to his beloved wife on Earth. Mixing equal parts Doctor Who and Indiana Jones, Andrew Jackson in Space is a pulp-style sci-fi adventure comic flung across thousands of light years, featuring vagrant queens, amazing artifacts, and a guy bursting into a courtroom brandishing a pistol.

The story sounds solid to me!  I am also loving the art and colors from Jason Smith and Harry Saxon. There are more preview pages on their Kickstarter page.  This fundraiser is ending in four days, so hurry over to their funding page and give them your money now!

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