Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Wolverine #5.1

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I'm continuing my Marvel Point One journey this week with Wolverine. Yes, I know that Wolverine wasn't on my original plan, but after last week's disappointing Iron Man, I decided to expand my search. I plan on reading all of the Point One issues and then making a judgment call.

Wolverine #5.1, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Jefte Palo, jumps off a lot differently than Iron Man did. We get to see Wolverine heading to someone's house, with flowers, when he sees an abandoned truck. He jumps into action, ready to save the innocent. Then we see his girlfriend, Melita, hosting a birthday party in his honor with all of the superhero elite and Deadpool. He crashed....with cheese dip. We also see that Spider-man was left behind at the Avengers mansion. Meanwhile, Wolverine gets caught by some cannibals, brothers called Buford and Boyd, and while they try to decide how to cook him (anyone else flash back to the Hobbit here?), he cuts off one of their hands. Despite his desire to kill them, Logan just rescues the trucker, drops the cannibals off at the police station and gets to Melita just in time to miss his party. We do find out that Logan has been celebrating the wrong birthday all this time. Meanwhile, our cannibals get rescued by a interesting group called The Hand. A fun cliffhanger for the baddies, and Wolverine gets some at the end.

I loved this issue. It gave hints at Wolverine's background but not a crazy amount of detail. It also didn't feel like it was someone writing out a background and forming a story around it. This is a story that new and old readers could enjoy. This truly felt like a jumping on point, which was missing from Iron Man. I started at the beginning of the new story, with some background to catch me up. Now, I want to know who/what The Hand is, and if Logan tangles with them sooner rather than later. Will the cannibals return for vengeance? I want to know about his relationship with Melita. They seem to have a good thing going, which means trouble for them. This story drew me in to this world and connected me with the characters.

Based on Marvel's Point One initiative, I call this a win. I would definitely buy this book again.

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