Monday, October 31, 2011

Win an Aching Shoulder from NYCC!

That's right, we have a chance for three of you to win your very own aching shoulder, back and feet! Now, I know you are thinking, "How do you pack all that pain up and ship it to me?" That's a great question!

This is our second annual Con in a Bag giveaway! Since we spent so much time at NYCC, we saved some of the best giveaways for our readers and bagged them up. Three lucky readers will get bags stuffed full of anything that they might possibly get at NYCC. This includes comics, books, buttons, t-shirts and tons of random pieces of paper.
Each one of these is a New York Comic Con Exclusive Item!
Since this was our second year, we had to up the ante. Each bag will have a NYCC show exclusive that you can't get anywhere else! Plus, each bag has an autographed comic! Oooooh fancy!

I actually bruised my shoulder carrying all of this.  That's the mark of a good convention.

Each of our three winners will get two stuffed bags that they can throw on their shoulder, walk around and get the authentic con aching shoulder, back and feet.

We would like to thank some of the companies that made your physical pain possible by providing awesome stuff:

Just go to our Facebook Contest page to enter but hurry! The contest ends on November 11th

Your email address is only used to contact the winner.  We don't send you anything else and we don't sell it.  US residents only since it is really heavy.  We do not guarantee that you will actually get shoulder pain and we are also not responsible if you do get any pain or injury from these bags.  Contest ends November 11th.

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