Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Open letter to TV Executives for the Upcoming Season

Dear TV Executives,

We are almost there. It's the Fall Premiere season. I always get a mix of emotions when this yearly ritual approaches. Excitement, anticipation, fear and sadness really stand out for me.

Excitement and anticipation make sense. I am anticipating the great new shows, and I am excited to see familiar faces of current shows. Who doesn't get excited for this?

However, with the happy fun of the premiere season, I also get fear and sadness. This is because I'm afraid to fall in love with a show. I have a strong fear because of that "show love," I'll be devastated that a show I love will get canceled way too early. Don't tell me I'm irrational because it happens every year.

Thanks for keeping Chuck around!
Every year, you study the numbers and decide the fate of countless shows. Now, I understand that this is your job and some shows just won't make it. It's life at its harshest but we just have to deal. However, I think you judge too quickly.

Now, please don't think that I only wrote this to make you feel bad or mad or sad or another *ad that I forgot. I do want to thank you as well, for all of the times you do think of the fans. For every chance of closure you let us have. But this kindness only makes the cancellations harder.

Some shows, while critically acclaimed, get canceled on the spot just for lack of viewers. This is after 1-3 episodes! Perhaps you failed in promoting these shows. All of these tv critics can't be wrong.
Remember me?  Maybe not because I was only around for 2 episodes!
Please, give the fans a chance to show you that they care. Keep in mind that Nielsen doesn't represent most of the country. I cast my vote online, by watching shows on Hulu or studio websites, by talking about shows in forums, and by following shows on facebook and twitter. Please give your writers, producers and actors a chance to prove themselves to us fans and, please be careful with my heart.

Unendingly your biggest fan & foe,

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