Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Links for May 29

This week, we celebrated Geek Pride Day and the 100th Birthday of the New York Public Library.  Even if you haven't been to the NYPL, you still know those iconic lions.  (via [insertgeekhere] and Mental Floss)  

In crazy spoiler news, if you are interested in The Amazing Spider-Man, check out this clip from Stan Lee about his cameo in the newest flick.  Like I said, Villain Spoiler Alert!  (via Bleeding Cool)

My favorite thing about geeks is how enterprising we are.  If we want something that doesn't exist, we do our best to create it.  So this week brought the news of a new con hitting the circuit - Power-Con / Thundercon 2011.  This is a joint con for Masters of the Universe and Thundercats fans.  Hello my childhood!  (via Robot 6)

As San Diego Comic Con gets closer and closer, we get to see how desperate fans get for tickets.  It brings a whole new perspective to the event.  What would you do for SDCC tickets?  (via Bleeding Cool)

If you need a laugh, go and check out Geek to Me's twitter feed because he has started a new hastag about the Most Interesting Geek in the World.  It's some funny stuff.  (via Geek to Me)

Finally, we want to just say thank you to all of the service men and women that have protected our country with their lives.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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