Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Links for September 4

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are all getting a nice rest and enjoying the last weekend of summer!

The big news this week was the beginning of the DCnU, with the release of Justice League #1. I know what I thought, how about you? Let us know in the comments!
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For those of you still upset about the DCnU, it's time to move on. Read this touching goodbye from Oracle herself.
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The Library of Congress is trying to expand their collection of small press comics. They are working on a project with the Small Press Expo, archiving items from the convention along with nominees for the Ignatz Awards.
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New pics of Cavill's Superman were released this week, with mixed results. Check out this look back at past Supermans and compare.
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AMC has greenlit Kevin Smith's new reality show about comic shop life, set in his NJ store Hopefully they don't invite that other NJ reality show over....
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Finally, congrats to John S., the winner of our Lost In The Con giveaway! Stay tuned, there are more giveaways yet to come!

Until next week....

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