Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And our Giveaway just got better!

So, we announced last week that we are giving away a 3-day pass to New York Comic Con. That's an awesome prize and a lot of you have already entered.

But then, one of our friends and followers @MisterJackal  (he is awesome!) decided to make our Anniversary Giveaway twice as good.  That's right, we are now giving two winners each a 3-day pass to New York Comic Con. 

To let the awesomeness of this wash over you, we are also extending the contest until this Friday, Sept. 23 at midnight.

So, go now and enter! Then tell your friends. Then tell your family, co-workers, the guy at the deli and the person next to you on the bus.

Sorry but Travel and Lodging are not included.  Just the 3-day ticket.  One per winner.  US residents only so it gets to them on time.  Contest ends September 23th.

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