Friday, August 26, 2011

Video Friday! 8/26/11

Forgive the delay but in fighting off the hoards of panicking people who are trying to stock up on supplies for lil ol' Hurricane Irene, I got a little held up. But it will take more than crazed people running in the streets with their arms loaded with canned goods to prevent me from getting Video Friday to you. So here are some fun vids to get you through the night or make your hurricane wait more bearable, at least until the power blows.

This made my night. Who wouldn't want this bird as a pet?

Have you seen the Magneto deleted scene from X-Men First Class yet? One really has to wondered about Professor Xavier. Not only does he seem to be kinda kinky but even then he had a thing for redheads. Thanks Entertainment Weekly!

This is just the cutest thing ever.

And finally, because we are about to get hit by Hurricane Irene (supposedly), I think it's only right to include this:

To the East Coast, please be careful, stay safe and take whatever precautions are advised. To the rest of the country and world, have a great weekend!