Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Links for October 2

Happy October everyone! Here is some of the big news of the week.

Dan Didio decided to answer some canon questions this week by saying that the Crisis events just didn't happen in the New DCU. To be honest, I'm not surprised by this. With all the changes, we should all just assume everything is up for grabs.
(via Bleeding Cool)

NBC announced that Chuck and Grimm premieres will be pushed back a week for a two-day Halloween block. While I'm sad that I have to wait a week for Chuck, I'm super excited to see what Community does!
(via Deadline)

Pottermore opened up to a lot of beta testers this week.  Our own Wysefyre made it in! Check out her first impressions.
(via [insertgeekhere])

The Comics Code Authority is back and better than ever! No, really! Now the seal is owned by CBLDF to help fight censorship and injustice towards comic creators. Hopefully this will also help in their fundraising efforts.
(via Newsarama)

Until next week....

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