Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: Kick-Ass 2 #2

So, after six months of endless waiting, the second issue of Kick-Ass 2 has arrived! I have to say it, waiting sucks and if I have to wait six months for every issue, I'm gonna be pissed. Mr. Millar, in every issue you print, you list loyal comic book shops and talk about how grateful you are for their support. How about some gratitude to the loyal readers?! I'm still waiting on new issues of Superior too! C'mon, just give me issues close enough together so I don't forget completely about what's going on!

For those of you who have no clue what happened in Kick-Ass 2 Issue 1, check out my review here.

This post is SPOILER-FILLED so if you are allergic to spoilers,
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Kick-Ass 2 #2 continues to gives us insight into the superhero group that Dave wants to join. He even knows one of the members from his high school. The organizers are former mafia and they pick the group's first target, a mafia leader. They have a decent fight scene and the book ends with the leader, Colonel Stripes, saying to the mafia guy, "We have to talk".

We get very little info about Hit-Girl, only learning that she is still banned from seeing Dave. We also hear about Red Mist and the army he is building to destroy the city.

This issue felt kind of slow story-wise. There is a lot of building towards a big climax but the fight scene at the end just doesn't do it for me. I do realize that the story is developing for issues down the road, and I am excited to see where it leads. Despite my feelings of the story, I loved the art. Romita really hit it out of the park, especially during the fight scene. I also like all of the cheesy details he brought to the other group members. It seems realistic that they would look cheesy to play superheroes.

I would recommend this issue if you are already a Kick-Ass fan. If not, you may want to wait for another six months and see what I say about issue 3.

This review is dedicated to Ted, who is the biggest Kick-Ass fan I know.

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