Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Links for June 12

DC finished announcing all 52 new series, with some very suspiciously missing titles.  C'mon guys, don't take away my Terry McGinnis!  

With all of the announcement from DC this week, the biggest shocker was Barbara Gordon returning as Batgirl.  Jill Pantozzi wrote a very personal and touching argument to the switch from Orcale to Batgirl.  Gail Simone immediately sat down with Jill for a in-depth interview that gave away no details but showed how much Simone cares about this character.

Green Lantern opens next weekend but if you want to get in the spirit, look for your closest Green Lantern party.  They are holding secret events in major markets all over the US tomorrow, with a chance to join the Green Lantern Corps.  Just look for the Green Lantern symbol shining in the sky at dusk.  For all of you NYCers, a clue was released for the location, which leads you to Rockefeller Center.  If you go, try to find me!

Marvel was not going to be outdone this week in the news department, so they announced that they were canceling Uncanny X-Men.  I'm a little upset since I just started reading this series but it should be an interesting read.
(via Newsarama)

This week, the BBFC proved that sometimes a little oversight is a good thing.  They decided to ban Human Centipide II from British theaters. If you had desired to see this, don't worry.  I am sure that it will be streaming on Netflix in no time.

In the ever-growing amount of reboots, the newest one is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  No word yet on whether this will be live-action or animation.

Finally, I am excited to see some of the first images from the second season of The Walking Dead.  While they don't include any main characters, it just looks cool. 
(via The Beat)

Have a great week!

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