Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Epic Con Fails

@Wilderowens here with a little insanity break.  I have been reading all of the NYCC reviews and recaps about other people's experiences.  Everyone loves to talk about all of the awesome people we meet or the cool stuff we do at cons. Well, sometimes it isn't always so easy or fun for us. I personally can think of 5 things I wish I could do over at New York Comic and San Diego Comic Con.  Please join me in lamenting over my Epic Con Fails:

     5 - At my first NYCC, I thought I was so prepared.  I had just made it into the Chronicles of Narnia panel and thought I had figured out all of the good stuff to do that day. I was so excited until I learned that I missed out on a easy to get into Seth Green signing. I had mistakely thought it was later in the day. The panel wasn't even that good.

     4 - At this year's NYCC, I had a guaranteed Frank Miller bracelet for his signing. I thought that was so awesome considering that they are so hard to get.  Except I couldn't find the person who had it for me in time.

     3 - At my second NYCC, I had my research done (I learned from my mistakes), and had everything I needed when I walked into the Javits Center....except my ticket.

     2 - At this years SDCC, I had another chance to meet Seth Green. I waited on line for two hours to   meet him and was second in line. As you now know from above, I had been dying to meet him for years. Now I had my chance. Seth Green is a classy guy.... I'm not so classy. I was so tired at this point and so driven to get this autograph (since this really was years in the making!) that I kinda went crazy. I had given my camera to someone for a pic and they asked if we were ready. I said loudly, "Let's take a pic!" and proceeded to grab Seth Green and put my arm around him. I even pressed my cheek against his. When I walked away and began to calm down, I realized how crazy I was acting.  I even considered going back to apologize, but that probably would have made it even worse.  Now this isn't the first time I have met or even worked professionally with a celebrity, but this was the first and only time I lost control.

     1 - At this year's SDCC, I made it to the Eureka screening, and sat through a weird Klingon play just to get in the second row. All for a good pic of Wil Wheaton. My friend, who didn't come, and I are both harboring huge crushes on him. Wil speaks and then sits down, right in front of me! I have brilliant plan of having him hold up a sign I wrote saying hi to my friend while I take a picture. I quickly write out a sign, turn on my camera and go up to him right before the screening starts to ask. For the record, Wil Wheaton is awesome. He says yes and holds up the sign. I step back to take the picture, my camera shuts down right then, the lights dim and his handler says "You have to return to your seat." Wil Wheaton hands me back the sign and says sorry. I had thought I might have a shot after the screening but he left early. That sucked so much, I thought I would die. I hate my camera.

After writing this, I am torn between laughing and crying at my exploits.  Please share some of your embarrassing experiences too so I don't feel so lonely!