Friday, February 25, 2011

Video Friday: Seth Green Edition

As you have probably heard by now, Seth Green was recently asked about hosting Saturday Night Live and it was revealed that he had always dreamed of it. Well, the IGH team got together and asked, "Why hasn't he hosted already?" Wilderowens immediately rattled off five reasons why he should and given more time, would have rattled off a million more. But here is a man who has been in the industry since he was child, he's proven time and time again to be brilliantly comedic, and he's an extremely successful writer, director, and producer to boot. It seems like there's nothing he can't do. So why hasn't SNL contacted him?

Anyway, we have decided this needs to happen. We have started the campaign to get Seth Green on SNL. We set up a Facebook group and a twitter campaign has begun. To keep with the spirit, today's Video Friday is all about Seth!

We're going to kick things off with a classic Seth commerial. The hair! I would never want to revisit the styles of the 80's in real life but I sure do love seeing them onscreen. I think I would buy the product just because of his hair.

Not only is this just a fun movie but it also brought together a young Seth Green and Alyson Hannigan. Even then, you could tell they were great together.

What I really liked about this guest spot was seeing the subtleties that were played out. The character was still funny and interesting, but he was also less over the top. I'll admit it reminded me of Oz if Oz spoke more. It was great because allowed a different fan base to see how diverse Seth could be. And yes, after I screamed, I then wept like a baby at the end. I swear sometimes having emotions sucks.

Seth wrestles! This made my day! It highlights just how diverse he is. Most people wouldn't think of Seth as a "wrestler" but all you have to do is look in his eyes or watch a movie or two, and you'll know, he's scrappy. Granted, he didn't get a lot of ring time but come on, you know you loved seeing him in the ring.

Robot Chicken is one of my favorite shows and I'm not just saying that because of Seth. The second I saw all my beloved 80's characters being brought back to life in hilarious and slightly disturbing way, I was sold. This is one of my favorite Robot Chicken promotions. It's funny, spot-on, and the man can rock the eyeliner.

I know we've featured this video before, but we love it and it just so happens that Seth plays an important role in it and his awesome wife, Clare Grant, is one of women who make up Team Unicorn. Getsuyobi even suggested that when Seth hosts SNL, Team Unicorn should be the musical guest. It has my vote!

There you have it. A brief and all too short highlight of Seth Green's career. I know I left out a lot of stuff but the man's been in practically everything. I'd be here for days or weeks or maybe longer. Besides, this isn't the last time we'll be talking about the awesomeness that is Seth.


What's this? One last clip?

We all know no Seth Green tribute would be complete without a shout out to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The character of Oz has wildly dedicated and loyal fans. There are still debates over who Willow should have been with - Oz or Tara. But I didn't want to give you just any random Oz clip. Instead, here's a fun, behind the scene clip with Nick Brendon and Charisma Carpenter.

So, tell your friends, spread and tweet the word (hashtag #sethgreenhostsSNL) and join the group! Let get Seth Green on SNL!

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Five Reasons Why Seth Green Needs to Host SNL

I was on twitter just browsing when I saw this tweet:

This idea struck me as odd. Why hasn't Seth Green already hosted SNL? He has been in the industry for years and proven funny time and time again. If he was hosting, I (and many of my friends) would stay home just to watch him!

Fan efforts got Betty White on SNL, why can't we get him hosting too?! We need to encourage Lorne Michaels to make this happen.

Five Reasons Why Seth Green Needs to Host SNL

1 - He is Super Funny

Seth has starred in so many comedic roles, so he won't be a dud host. He is also not afraid of making fun of himself. Through it all, Seth Green just radiates confidence. He even brings more funny with him. Robot Chicken is a skit show in itself. Seth could feature a RC clip starring the SNL cast. Best Host Ever Material? I think so!

2 - Extensive Filmography

Seth has been working since he was a kid, which gives him an extensive background. Since SNL loves to base skits on the host's pasts character, he has a plethora to pick from.

3 - Musical to Boot

Have you heard him rap? No need to get a musical guest!

4 - Rabid Fan Base

Not only will we watch, we will be posting video clips of this for weeks. Free Press!

5 - Past SNL Cast Members Can Vouch for Him

All those Austin Powers movies? If Seth was good enough for Mike Meyers, I'm sure he can make it on SNL.

Stay tuned for more Seth Green fun today here at [insertgeekhere]!

The Facebook group has been created! Join us and help make this happen! Viva La Seth!

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