Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Links for July 3

Another fun and exciting week in the Geek Universe...

In DC reboot news, it turns out that some fans are upset about the upcoming changes. Who would've thunk it? Well they are taking the fight public with a protest at San Diego Comic Con. In other related news, Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston points out how pointless this protest is and starts a protest of their protest. In the end, the change is happening no matter what, so we all need to deal with it.

Google+ debuted this week with a little fanfare. Wysefyre managed to get in but can't send out invites yet. For a fun look at birth of a network, check out XKCD and Mashable.
(via XKCD, Mashable)

We are getting closer and closer to the final premiere of the final Harry Potter film....EVER!  *sad face*  To get you in the mood, go check out this Parseltongue translator.  It is kinda creepy, especially if you forget how loud your speakers are...

MTV Geek found out that there are still plans for a Masters of the Universe movie.  This is more terrifying than the Parseltongue translator.  I fear for my childhood.
(via MTV Geek)

Have a Happy and Fun Independence Day!!!

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