Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: Kick-Ass 2

Out this (past) week (yeah, I know its late, but RL sucks) is one of the biggest releases of the year (for me at least), Kick-Ass 2. We get another glimpse into the world of Kick-Ass and Hitgirl as they fight crime and get through school and life as blossoming superheroes.

Since we left our heroes, Hitgirl has moved back in with her mom and stepdad, Marcus (who you might recognize from the movie. He was in the first series, in the background, for one panel). She is really trying to be...normal...? Kick-Ass is moving up the superhero ranks as he trains to be the hero he is inside. The story starts off fast with Kick-Ass walking the beat and builds up a lot of loose threads that will (hopefully!) be explained soon.
With a new superhero team possibly forming and Hitgirl giving up the life, I am truly exciting to see what happens to Kick-Ass as he continues his journey under the mask.

Mark Millar has set the standard again and I am so glad he did. You can really see that he enjoys writing these characters and I do wonder if some of the wisecracks represent his true feelings. The art is spot on, thanks to John Romita, Jr. He brings back the style that worked in the first series. The way the story looks to be going, we are going to get to see some great fight scenes and I am sure he will highlight every blow.

I need to admit, I have loved this story from the very beginning. Growing up, I was Dave, in my way, wanting to grab a mask and make my mark on the world. Very few people have that dedication but we all wish we did. While yes, it would probably be a stupid and dangerous thing to do, it would be memorable.

Check out this series, 'cause it will rock your world and make you want to buy that mask. Just get some combat training first.
The first issue is out now so make sure you grab a copy. If you haven't read the first series, make sure you pick it up!