Monday, October 17, 2011

NYCC '11: Sunday wraps it up!

New York Comic Con is done and we are still standing....sorta. I know it's bad when random people tell you how exhausted you look. I may look tired but I feel great. This was a really fun con, with so many awesome panels, companies and people!

Here are our highlights from today:

- At the DC Meet the Publishers panel, I finally heard someone from DC confirm that the mystery woman hidden in the issues will have a storyline coming. It was so awesome to listen to Dan Didio and Jim Lee talk DC.

- Getsuyobi went to the Jim Henson panel, where he learned about 3 upcoming books that sound amazing.

- Wysefyre went to the Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark panel, with a surprise attendee Dan Slott.

- All of us attended a Marvel panel over the weekend and agree that Arune Singh is the best moderator ever. 

- Huge deals and freebies were on the floor today. Wysefyre got some amazing prints from Jon Hughes and Marc Wolfe, while I got a ton of free comics! I also got the best show exclusive......

It was a fantastic con and if you attended, I hope you had a blast.  I know I met so many new geeks that became fast friends.  If we talked, please leave a note on the blog and stay in touch! 

We will be bringing you recaps and overviews in the days to come, so stay tuned!

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