Friday, October 11, 2013

NYCC '13: Necessary Evil: Super Villains of DC Comics

On the first day of NYCC, I attended the World Premiere of Necessary Evil: Super Villains of DC Comics. This documentary really looks at the role of the super villain in the telling of a DC story.  You can check out the trailer from SDCC this year.

Ultimately, this documentary looks at the value of the villain in a story. The theory that the villain is more important to the story because without the villain, the hero wouldn't exist. Villains represent the protagonist while heroes represent the antagonist. They also discussed the psychological impact of villains.

NYCC '13 Day 1 Recap

Yesterday, New York Comic Con '13 kicked off. This year, they're doing things a little different. Con attendees have to go through a security checkpoint and get their badges checked in. I wasn't sure if it would cause problems for people trying to get in, but at the time we arrived, it seemed to be working. This was created to help cut down people trying to use counterfeit passes, and it made things feel a little more organized, which is always nice.

Wilderowens and I started the day in the queue line. Haven't had that experience in a while, and it was a good reminder as to what it feels like to be jam packed with a bunch of people who are all excited to go to the same place as you. Some of the costumes I saw on line were amazing. I just wish I could have gotten some pictures, but everyone was moving too fast, and I'm too short to get good overhead shots.