Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Links for November 13

First it was Occupy Wall Street, then a bunch of other cities and towns got involved.  Now we have Occupy Comics. This was bound to happen, and looks like it might be an interesting read.
(via Robot 6)

Julie Taymor is back in the news this week, but not for a new show.  She is suing the producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark for unpaid royalties.  How they did not see this coming after she got the boot, I don't know.
(via The Beat)

We welcomed a new contributor this week, Teacup!  Make sure you check out her first post about Mark Hamill!
(via [insertgeekhere])

I read a lot of reviews and I find most helpful but this one was just a really enjoyable read.  It is for the movie Abduction, which I have no desire to see, but this is just super funny.  At least, it was for me.
(via All Things Fangirl)

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