Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Work in Comics? No Brainer!

Yesterday @Wilderowens wrote a response to Jim Mroczkowski of iFanboy fame's post about how he'd respond if the call came in, asking him if he wanted to write comics for a few years. I found his reaction interesting, especially since it's one I can identify with.... to a degree.

I've thought about it. I've come up with a couple of characters and even wrote an X-Men screenplay as part of a high school project (it was several years before the movies came out). It was really awful. Just really laughably terrible. Needless to say, I abandoned the idea of working in comics shortly after that.

Great thing about growing up and joining the workforce is learning there are a lot of different jobs that help create a finished product. I might not be the greatest at writing dialogue and I'm not a great artist, but I'm good with ideas, I'm great with understanding the feel of different characters, and I know the difference between strong, solid storytelling vs. something that feels rushed and incomprehensible.

I'd love to be an editor, but I think where I'd accomplish the most would be in helping the brand expand into other mediums like movies or television as well as merchandising. One of the things I would focus on is getting more females interested in buying collectibles. I'm a collector but I don't like to  purchase some of the female action figures or specialty items because they are so sexualized, it's a little ridiculous. I want to be able to display these items in my home without making anyone, including myself, uncomfortable. 

Better yet, can someone explain to me why Halloween costumes are "sexy" versions of certain characters but that particular character is already very sexy or instead of pulling from the tons of awesome and well known female outfits, we're given sexy versions of the males? I'm not saying all this to come across as a crazy feminist or or a prude or anything like that, but I feel women are still being excluded, and I'm full of ideas on how to change that. Basically, I want to convince more females to spend the amounts of money I've spent, so the brands I love can not only continue for years to come, but also continue to grow in good healthy ways. There's also a part of me that would love to be the person to green light or veto bad movie ideas but that's a completely different story.

So yes, I would definitely work in comics but not necessarily in the front lines. As awesome as it would be to have tons of fans and recognition, I love the industry so much I don't need those things. All that matters to me is helping it be the best it can be.

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