Sunday, September 26, 2010

Iron Man 2 - Alternate Opening

*Sorry it is gone, but if you find it elsewhere, let us know.

Watch It Before It's Too Late!!!

Recently, a bootlegged clip of an alternate opening for Iron Man 2 came out. I love the clip. It opens with Tony puking on a toilet. It's funny and it's character appropriate. It hasn't really been addressed in the movies but for those familiar with the comics know that Tony is an alcoholic. So why didn't this clip make the movie? 

Little kids worship Iron Man. Having the hero puking and hung over doesn't really portray him in the best light, which could possibly lead to less kiddie worshipping, which means less revenue for Marvel. Not only that, on the flip side, it could lead to kids asking questions parents aren't quite ready to answer. It's a lot easier to to have a discussion about the dangers of explosions or Whiplash than trying to explain why someone feels the need to drown themselves in booze, especially someone who is as awesome as Tony. It might humanize him, which is great, but when they're young, who wants to possibly tear down a kid's hero? 

I would love to see this clip make it to the special features of one of the inevitable Iron Man collector's editions or super packs but I doubt it so enjoy this while you can.

*side note - How awesome is Pepper Potts? I love her in this scene.