Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Firebreather Premiere on Cartoon Network!

Have you read Firebreather yet? It is the classic tale of the outcast kid in high school, with the nerdy best friend, the girl he has a crush on, his overprotective Mom and his demon of a father. Not to mention his government escort...and the fact that he is part dragon. Trapped between worlds, he fights to just find a place to belong. Duncan has the makings of the classic hero in training with a daddy complex.

Courtesy of Cartoon Network

I had the pleasure of meeting creators Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn briefly at New York Comic Con after only reading the one-shot of "The Iron Saint". It was one of those moments where I completely ignored both of them and just went straight for the book, excited to see this character I had just begun to learn about. They were both so excited to meet me (still have no idea why) and they encouraged me to keep reading, so I just got the latest issue today so I can keep up with this amazing series. While talking with them, they both seemed super excited about this film and reaching a whole new audience. Unfortunately, I missed the premiere at NYCC (grrrr) but I have my second chance tonight (yay!) at 7pm EST, when it premieres on Cartoon Network! This is Cartoon Networks first CGI movie, and it looks great. (I'm not 100% sure but I think that Duncan looks too human but I am going to hold off on complaining until I see the movie.) Tune in tonight!