Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Top Ten Reactions to GenCon

I attended GenCon, Indianapolis's Gaming convention. I went specifically for Gale Force Nine's Firefly game but of course, I saw as much as I could. Here are my top ten reactions from GenCon:

1. The Staggering Amount of Games
Omg so many games. Games I have heard of and games I never dreamed of. You can sign up for sessions to learn or compete. I also wandered into game rooms with friends and started playing random games for hours. And I can't forget how I tested games all over the con floor.

2. Welcoming to any Game
I was welcomed to jump in and learn on so many games and I always felt welcomed. In my experience there, everyone from exhibitor to attendee was pleasant and accepting. With so many cons having issues, GenCon was a nice change.

3. Exercise!
My favorite game was Cards Vs. Zombies. Designated zombies were trying to find and "eat" humans, who could attack them with paper darts. It took place in the halls of GenCon and made getting anywhere an adventure. I had to fight some zombies off and dodge a few others but I started GenCon as a human and I ended as one. This was beyond fun.

4. No aching legs or feet
This was the first convention experience where my legs and feet never hurt. I mean, NEVER. It was amazing. It makes sense though. When walking the floor, you walk 5-10 feet, find a game to try and sit down for 20-30 minutes. Then you get up and do it all again.

5. Plenty of Potties
This was the other most amazing thing. I never had to wait for a stall. No lines in the ladies bathroom or (from what I hear) the men's either. The convention center had a large amount of options and there were no large rushes for the bathroom so it always was available. Very, very pleasant.

6. Always something happening
This con was open 24 hours. Tournaments happening at all hours. Yes, the main floor closed but there were still plenty of things to do. Honestly, I'm fairly certain some people just stayed at the convention center the entire time. It was getting ripe in there by the end.

7. Crappy transportation
The biggest downfall of GenCon is the hotel bus schedule. One bus an hour just doesn't cut it. Plus, they have weird gaps in service. This was the only complaint I heard nonstop while I was there. They really, really need to upgrade the quality to keep gamers happy.

8. Lots of Yummies close by
This con was great for food. Everyday, right outside the con was a ever changing food court of food trucks. Almost anything you could think of, ready and available. I pigged out and it was awesome.

9. Non gamer stuff too!
Part of GenCon is a writers symposium with some free events I took part of. A great addition. I saw an artist alley on the floor that wasn't all gamer based. I also loved the fundraising by destroying card sculptures. It was a lot of fun.

10. Never won a tournament.
While I played a bunch of games, and won a few test sessions, I did not win a single tourney I entered. It's all right though. I had a blast, which is all that matters.

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