Friday, May 25, 2012

[IGH] at the Movies: Men In Black III

We got a chance to check out the next chapter of the MIB franchise, Men In Black III.  Was it a worthy sequel for us?  Let's see what we both thought....

Wilderowens' review

The MIB films have been filled with a fun and whimsical feeling. However, I went into this film with an impending sense of dread. With sequel after sequel scrambling for a few bucks, I was afraid to see this. Plus, the time travel storyline has been done so many times.  I was wrong to be worried though. Sonnenfeld did manage to keep this franchise fun and whimsical throughout. He handled the time travel gracefully and had plenty of funny one liners to keep the audience entertained.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tom Lenk's Newest Instant Classic

Our very favorite Tom Lenk went with his buddy Andrew Putschoegl to Whistler, British Columbia, to take part in the Olympus 72 Hour Filmmaker Challenge. They had to handle the concept, writing, shooting, and editing a 5-minute short film in less than three days.  Take a look at their newest opus, Ladybeast.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quickie-view with Daniel Johnston

While I was at MoCCA Fest, juggling my volunteer duties with wandering the floor, I got exactly two minutes with Daniel Johnston, creator of Space Ducks, at the Boom! Studios booth.  If you can't place the name, then just think really famous indie rock musician.  Squeeee!

My first question was to learn about how his comic came to be.  The way he tells it, his sister encouraged him to come up with a cartoon character. Since he loves to draw ducks, Space Ducks just came to mind.  Over the next few days, Daniel did the drawing and his brother printed it up.

Monday, May 14, 2012

[IGH] on Books: OPERATION: Montauk by Bryan Young

Have you ever read a book that not only captured your attention but took such a hold on you that you felt physically compelled to read it? That's how I felt reading OPERATION: Montauk by Bryan Young.

Rather than attempt to try and summarize the story, I think I'll let the author himself provide the synopsis:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

[IGH] at the Movies: The Avengers

Yes, we got to see The Avengers early. We are that cool. "Marvel" at our awesomeness. But enough bragging, here is what we thought.

Wilderowens' Thoughts

Marvel has been soundly beating DC on the big screen for the past few years and they just raised the bar.  The Avengers was everything you could want in a superhero flick.

For all of the Joss naysayers, you were so wrong. Our man Whedon stayed true to the characters while adding his own brand of humor in the mix. Each character was explored and had a path to walk through the film.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Changing World of MoCCA Fest

This past weekend, I attended the premiere event in the east for indie comics.  In case you haven’t made it to MoCCA Fest, it is a fundraiser for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.  The festival is also a great opportunity to truly hobnob with the indie creators of today.

Like last year, I attended as a volunteer, not only to get the perks of volunteerism, but to hang out with a amazing group of geeks.  I was assigned to the A/V team, which meant I was working all of the panels.  Unlike last year, I didn’t get to watch any panels this time around.  I did get plenty of time to wander the floor and meet some new people as well as catch up with some old friends.

Gary Panter accepting the Klein Award
In my opinion, the floor of MoCCA Fest had a much different feel than last year for a few reasons.  The individual creators were more likely to try and get your attention.  I felt that more and more people were stepping up to show me their creations.  This is exactly what the fans need, and I think it helped the energy in the room.  Another great addition was the presence of Boom! Studios and Archaia Entertainment.  These publishers represent a more mainstream presence at this event, but they didn’t take away from the indie feel.  As one Boom! representative told me, they’re trying to bring their more indie titles, not big names like Irredeemable.    Despite all of these great things, the floor still seemed fairly uncrowded.  I imagine that holding it the same weekend as Stumptown on the west coast hurt attendance.

No matter what, MoCCA Fest is still the premiere place to find new indie comics on the east coast and hob nob with all of these awesome creators.  With each table, I had the chance to meet the brains behind great comics, and every purchase I made went straight to the creator.  Especially in this economic climate, that makes me feel great.  I highly recommend that you add this to your con list next year.

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