Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Links for Feb. 27

This past week was filled with sadness at the news of the sudden passing of Dwayne McDuffie. There have been some touching remembrances of him from many places including The New York Times, Comic Book Resources, The Beat, Bleeding Cool, The Nerdy Bird and iFanboy. As a huge fan of Static Shock cartoon, I am saddened by this news. I wish I had gotten a chance to meet him and thank him for such a great superhero. Our condolences to his family.

DC has a lot going on this week. There are rumors that they are canceling the First Wave line completely for poor sales. If this is true, this is the second major DC cancellation this month. Robot 6 is speculating that they are looking to grow their stable of artists in hopes of growing their big name talent.

The Eisner Hall of Fame inductees were announced this week, with the surprise of four inductees rather than the standard two. The inductees picked from four areas of the industry to insure that people weren't being overlooked for their significant contributions. The inductees are Ernie Bushmiller, Jack Jackson (Jaxon), Marty Nodell, and Lynd Ward. Congratulations to all of the inductees!

In movie news this week, IDW's Zombies vs. Robots has been optioned by Sony Pictures, with Michael Bay attached. In other movie news, you can read why I am so excited about the new Superman movie.

In [insertgeekhere] news, have you join our campaign to get Seth Green as host of Saturday night Live? Check out our Five Reasons Why Seth Green should Host SNL and a Video Friday edition all about Seth Green! Make sure to sign up for our Facebook group, because the bigger our group, the louder our voice! We have already gotten support from Matt Senreich and Clare Grant and Seth Green himself said thanks!

Are you excited for the Oscars? To get ready for tonight, check out the winners of the Golden Razzies, the premier awards ceremony for crappy movies! If you want to influence an awards ceremony yourself, head over to Buffyfest and vote in the Whedon Oscars! Just make sure you leave enough time to compare your Oscars picks to Oscar the Grouch!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Video Friday: Seth Green Edition

As you have probably heard by now, Seth Green was recently asked about hosting Saturday Night Live and it was revealed that he had always dreamed of it. Well, the IGH team got together and asked, "Why hasn't he hosted already?" Wilderowens immediately rattled off five reasons why he should and given more time, would have rattled off a million more. But here is a man who has been in the industry since he was child, he's proven time and time again to be brilliantly comedic, and he's an extremely successful writer, director, and producer to boot. It seems like there's nothing he can't do. So why hasn't SNL contacted him?

Anyway, we have decided this needs to happen. We have started the campaign to get Seth Green on SNL. We set up a Facebook group and a twitter campaign has begun. To keep with the spirit, today's Video Friday is all about Seth!

We're going to kick things off with a classic Seth commerial. The hair! I would never want to revisit the styles of the 80's in real life but I sure do love seeing them onscreen. I think I would buy the product just because of his hair.

Not only is this just a fun movie but it also brought together a young Seth Green and Alyson Hannigan. Even then, you could tell they were great together.

What I really liked about this guest spot was seeing the subtleties that were played out. The character was still funny and interesting, but he was also less over the top. I'll admit it reminded me of Oz if Oz spoke more. It was great because allowed a different fan base to see how diverse Seth could be. And yes, after I screamed, I then wept like a baby at the end. I swear sometimes having emotions sucks.

Seth wrestles! This made my day! It highlights just how diverse he is. Most people wouldn't think of Seth as a "wrestler" but all you have to do is look in his eyes or watch a movie or two, and you'll know, he's scrappy. Granted, he didn't get a lot of ring time but come on, you know you loved seeing him in the ring.

Robot Chicken is one of my favorite shows and I'm not just saying that because of Seth. The second I saw all my beloved 80's characters being brought back to life in hilarious and slightly disturbing way, I was sold. This is one of my favorite Robot Chicken promotions. It's funny, spot-on, and the man can rock the eyeliner.

I know we've featured this video before, but we love it and it just so happens that Seth plays an important role in it and his awesome wife, Clare Grant, is one of women who make up Team Unicorn. Getsuyobi even suggested that when Seth hosts SNL, Team Unicorn should be the musical guest. It has my vote!

There you have it. A brief and all too short highlight of Seth Green's career. I know I left out a lot of stuff but the man's been in practically everything. I'd be here for days or weeks or maybe longer. Besides, this isn't the last time we'll be talking about the awesomeness that is Seth.


What's this? One last clip?

We all know no Seth Green tribute would be complete without a shout out to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The character of Oz has wildly dedicated and loyal fans. There are still debates over who Willow should have been with - Oz or Tara. But I didn't want to give you just any random Oz clip. Instead, here's a fun, behind the scene clip with Nick Brendon and Charisma Carpenter.

So, tell your friends, spread and tweet the word (hashtag #sethgreenhostsSNL) and join the group! Let get Seth Green on SNL!

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Five Reasons Why Seth Green Needs to Host SNL

I was on twitter just browsing when I saw this tweet:

This idea struck me as odd. Why hasn't Seth Green already hosted SNL? He has been in the industry for years and proven funny time and time again. If he was hosting, I (and many of my friends) would stay home just to watch him!

Fan efforts got Betty White on SNL, why can't we get him hosting too?! We need to encourage Lorne Michaels to make this happen.

Five Reasons Why Seth Green Needs to Host SNL

1 - He is Super Funny

Seth has starred in so many comedic roles, so he won't be a dud host. He is also not afraid of making fun of himself. Through it all, Seth Green just radiates confidence. He even brings more funny with him. Robot Chicken is a skit show in itself. Seth could feature a RC clip starring the SNL cast. Best Host Ever Material? I think so!

2 - Extensive Filmography

Seth has been working since he was a kid, which gives him an extensive background. Since SNL loves to base skits on the host's pasts character, he has a plethora to pick from.

3 - Musical to Boot

Have you heard him rap? No need to get a musical guest!

4 - Rabid Fan Base

Not only will we watch, we will be posting video clips of this for weeks. Free Press!

5 - Past SNL Cast Members Can Vouch for Him

All those Austin Powers movies? If Seth was good enough for Mike Meyers, I'm sure he can make it on SNL.

Stay tuned for more Seth Green fun today here at [insertgeekhere]!

The Facebook group has been created! Join us and help make this happen! Viva La Seth!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

What does Wonder Women Teach You?

Does she teach you to be strong? Does she teach you to be independent? Does she teach you to be a hero?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then you check out The History of the Universe as Told by Wonder Woman. This is a documentary in progress that asks people what female superheroes teach them and how female superheroes changed our world. They have interviewed a ton of people including Gloria Steinem, Lynda Carter, and Lindsay Wagner.

From their Kickstarter page:

The goal of the film is to explore how female heroes have fared in popular culture. We're using Wonder Woman as the central figure in this story, as she's the rare example of a female hero who doesn't require rescue and determines her own actions and adventures. The film not only serves as an inquiry into our evolving values about women as agents of strength, authority and leadership, but also reminds us of our common need -- no matter our gender, race, class or sexual orientation -- for stories that tell us we can all be heroes.

Watch the video with details below, then go check out their Kickstarter page!

I haven't spent much time on Kickstarter but this is a great project on there that should supported by us all.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Four Reasons why I'm Excited for Superman

I went and picked up a copy of this week's Entertainment Weekly. I only get it if it has something I really, really, really, really want to read.... like details about the new Superman movie.

I'm not a huge Superman fan; I don't read the comics or obsessively rewatch the movies. I don't even watch Smallville anymore. However, I do think this film has a lot of potential to be a good superhero flick. Here's why.

Four Reasons why I'm Excited for Superman

1- Henry Cavill is a good, hot actor.

I may not be a Superman fan, but I am a Tudors fan. Cavill blew me away in that show. Not just 'cause I think he is pretty but he really takes a character to his full potential. He is due to skyrocket through Hollywood. I think he will bring tremendous talent to the character and the film.

2- With all of the Marvel flicks scheduled to come out, DC needs to remind people they still make films!

And yes, I do know that other DC films are slated for release. Just not as many! Marvel just seems to be all over the place, with at least 6 films coming out over the next 18 months. Compared to DC's two films, no wonder why I feel like all I hear about is Marvel. DC, you have some of my favorite characters, get them up on the big screen already!

3- They need to blow the last so-so Superman out of the water.

It will always be part of the Superman family of films, just not my favorite. This is the one time I really support a "reboot" of the franchise. Please give us a Man of Steel for this decade.

4- Christopher Nolan wrote it.

Do I really need to explain this? Just head over to imdb and take a good look at his filmography. Enough said.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Links

Yesterday the IGH team spent the day at the NYC Coffee and Tea Festival, so I am recovering from my caffeine high as I look back on the past week's news.

In DC news this week, we have the sad announcement that seven titles are being canceled over the next two months. It looks like they are cleaning house before the Flashpoint event takes over.

Who is that women in red and gold? It's our new Wonder Woman! Adrianne Palicki is taking control of the lasso in the new NBC series. In more Wonder Woman news, you can watch disturbing audition material from the show at i09. Geek girls have come too far to still have "big tits save lives" comments. I get what they were going for, but they need to revisit the script again.

Are you a fan of Esty and all of those handmade items? Well be careful: According to this article over at The Weekly Crisis, there are some "original artworks" being sold on Esty that are really stolen from hardworking artists. Caveat Emptor!

My favorite gamer news of the week is the announcement that Fables and The Walking Dead games are being created by Telltale Games. With Telltale in the mix, these are going to be download-able games, rather than in a store, so this is one less thing to stand in line for!

For all of the emotionally-scarred Glee fans from the last episode, here is some more Bieber to pass the time! I love James Earl Jones and anything he says sounds great to me, even if it is Justin Bieber.

Until next week......

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Video Friday - Geeky Love

Welcome to another installment of Video Friday. The weather is taking a turn for the better. Mountains of snow are finally melting, the sun is shining and it's put me in mood to sing so we're going to kick things off with one of my current favorite videos, Tonight I'm Frakking You.

See how many different characters you can find, then sit back and enjoy Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory) rapping while Alessandra Torresani (Caprica) and Amy Okuda fight for the affections of our lead.

This next video is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!! But it is pretty awesome. May I present Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury featuring Rachel Bloom.

"Houston, we have a throblem." Hehe. You have to appreciate anyone willing to dedicate a... uh, "love song" to an author. Other than Tolkien, when was the last time you saw someone declare their love for an author? Where's are the songs for CS Lewis, Stephen King, Issac Asimov, or even James Patterson? Seriously, people devour his books. Where's the love?

To conclude, let's take it down a notch with a trip back to the 80's. The year was 1987 and a young Link was navigating his way through life and love.

Can you name all the movies this spoofs?

So Happy Friday to all! Grab the your favorite geek girl or geek boy and enjoy the slow emergence of Spring and each other. 

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Amazing Spider-Man #654.1

This post is
SPOILER-FILLED so if you are allergic to spoilers,
go read another tasty article on [insertgeekhere].

This week, I continue my Marvel Point One journey with Amazing Spider-Man. This is probably the Point One title that I am most familiar with; @Getsuyobi is a huge fan. I was also an avid viewer of the cartoon.

In this issue, we follow Flash Thompson, Peter's high school bully/friend. We find out pretty quickly that Flash is, wait a dramatic beat, the new Venom. He isn't evil though; Venom is being used by the military for covert ops. Flash, as a wheelchair-bound veteran, has the skills and desire to be willing to risk using Venom

 As we follow Flash on his first mission, we see that he can communicate with Venom, but he is in control. The mission takes them to a party filled with a lot of powerful people, including a terrorist that he bugs. We learn that Flash is only allowed limited time as Venom to prevent bonding with it. When the mission concludes, we go back to Flash's life. We meet his girlfriend Betty and learn that Marla Jameson, Jonah's wife, has died. Betty tells Flash that Peter is upset about it, so he goes to cheer him up. 

As he heads over, he is thinking about how Peter has got himself together, good job, nice girlfriend, Carlie Cooper... then he sees him talking to MJ, his ex. Flash doesn't know Peter is telling MJ that he is upset that he let Marla die as Spider-Man. Flash is tempted to interrupt but gets a Venom distress call. He has to don the suit to rescue someone he met at the party from the terrorist he tagged. He goes in, without backup, because of the ship's shielding. As he rescues the captive, he gets trapped by a terrorist called Flag Smasher, who looks like Batman. Flag Batman throws a bomb at Flash, and the resulting explosion gives Venom a chance to take control. Venom chews up Flag Batman, literally, and then spits him out. Best part of the book: Its not cannibalism if you don't swallow. So the mission succeeds, but the government guys realize that only 99% of Venom came off Flash. He also has greasy looking hair. They suspect that Venom bonded with Flash. And Flash has plans for Peter.

I enjoyed this issue for a few reasons. One, there was great background given without it feeling forced. We got to learn about Peter through someone else's eyes. There was also good background given about other characters and the universe. Two, I felt like I was starting at a new story. This felt like the beginning, not jumping in during an arc. Granted, this was also a great intro for the new Venom book coming out soon. That's almost a downside. Dan Slott told such a great story that I am more interested in what happens to Flash as Venom than Spider-man.

Based on Marvel's Point One initiative, this is a great read for new and old readers. I don't know if I liked it enough to add it to my pull list but I can see myself raiding @Getsuyobi's stash.

Next week, there is no Point One issue coming out but hopefully there will be more news on new titles added to the Point One lineup. It has already been announced that Daken: Dark Wolverine and Alpha Flight will be added. I'm not sure how I feel about those titles being reader friendly but I'll find out when they are released. This may also be a hint of things to come; many of the current Point One titles have movie franchises - will Daken join his daddy on the big screen?!
My Point One Journey so far:
* Review: Wolverine
* Review: The Invincible Iron Man
* My Point One Plan
* The info about the Point One Initiative

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Webcomic-y Goodness!

Webcomics: one of the best types of comics around. Whether they are episodic or stand alone, they're easily accessible, quick to read (usually), more often than not, on a set schedule, and all around, a whole lot of fun. As of today, I read close to twenty different ones. Some I read everyday, some sporadically and others, I like to wait a few months and then read them all in one shot. I just love them, so I wanted to share that love with you.

To kick things off, I'm going to introduce you to my two favorite "having fun with the comics industry & geekdom" comics, Let's Be Friends Again and Gutters. Both comics have their own very unique voice and style, but the message is still the same - Geeky pop culture is fun to make fun of. Check these out -

You'll be hearing more about my slightly unnatural love of all things Ryan Sohmer/Blind Ferret Entertainment but Let's Be Friends Again is celebrating some great news - they've decided to take the plunge and make it a full-time gig. You can read more about it in their interview with Comics Alliances' Laura Hudson.

In the weeks to come, I'll be sharing some of the other webcomics I love, but I'm always looking for a new one. If you have any suggestions, send them my way at or leave them here in the comments.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from [insertgeekhere]! To celebrate, sit back and relax while watching the latest release from Team Unicorn!

"Super Harmony"

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Links

Wow, has everyone recovered from this past week? As the world changes and history is written right before our eyes, we still had a crazy geek news week to cover.

Big Comic news of the week, Diamond and iVerse are teaming up to sell digital comics in retail, brick-and-mortar comic stores. This sounds like a great and/or horrible idea. The Beat got an exclusive with Diamond's head of digital distribution about how this will work, but iFanboy's Jason Wood still isn't convinced. He raises some great points and I hope Diamond has an ace up their sleeve.

I am sad to report that Activision announced the end of Guitar Hero. *tears This great unit of games just hasn't been pulling in the moolah as of late, and the licensing fees are just crazy. I love Geekologie's coverage of this, and yes, pushing colored buttons does make me feel like a bad ass.

Marvel was all over the press this week. The biggest movie news of the week is the release of 3 Marvel trailers including the Thor, Captain America and X-MEN: First Class trailers. In case you missed it, you should watch them right now. And since this week was crazy Marvel week, they also announced a press conference for Feb. 15 about Moon Knight, their next big thing after their release of the big thing, Fear Itself. I am digging this teaser art for Moon Knight, but can we get through one big event at a time guys? It's hard to keep up with all of this!

There are also plenty of people taking issue with Marvel this week. Ryan at The Weekly Crisis has some good points against Marvel's new plan of killing a major character every quarter to boost sales. Our own WyseFyre also has a bone to pick with Marvel about their PSA comic about suicide.

We put out a call to our geek family this week for supporting The Nerdy Bird's fundraising efforts for the MDA Muscle walk. Go support this great cause right now!

There has been a lot of comic con ticket craziness in the past week, that I am excited to get past. Best con news of the past week? This touching article about TempleCon by Total Fan Girl.

Finally to end our week, a fun mystery from Nerd Approved. Do you see Wolverine or Two Batmans?

If anything comes out that you would like to see highlighted in Sunday Links, email me at

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marvel Trailer Time!

This week was a huge Marvel news week. The best part is the great trailers released. In case you missed them, check them out below.

Thor spot looks great. I am not a big Thor fan but this trailer definitely excited me for May!

Still excited for Captain America despite his bobblehead appearance in the beginning of this clip.

This is a great trailer and I can't wait to see what else comes out for X-Men: First Class.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Video Friday!!! V-Day Edition

Love is in the with Valentine's Day just around the corner. Some of you might not be ready for it so here are a few suggestions of what to do and not to do to celebrate.

Candy Sushi

I know it's usually chocolate that's given to that special someone, but what makes this so special is it's different so you can tell your honey you think they're special and unique as well as deliciously sweet.

Flowers are nice but make sure you know how the other person feels about them, after all, you wouldn't want this to happen -

Valentine's Day Phobia 

I hear serenading is a popular expression of affection but you have to make sure it's done right. Be sure you can sing well, otherwise these reactions are going to happen to you....

World's Worst Singer

If you're not a strong singer but still want to incorporate music into your plans, get creative and try to put together something like this...

All of the Lights (Cello Cover)

And finally, if you're going to use Valentine's Day to tell that special someone how you really feel, whatever you do, don't do this...

I Love You

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Wolverine #5.1

This post contains face-melting spoilers.
Read at your face’s risk.
If symptoms continue for more than 4 hours, contact [insertgeekhere].

I'm continuing my Marvel Point One journey this week with Wolverine. Yes, I know that Wolverine wasn't on my original plan, but after last week's disappointing Iron Man, I decided to expand my search. I plan on reading all of the Point One issues and then making a judgment call.

Wolverine #5.1, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Jefte Palo, jumps off a lot differently than Iron Man did. We get to see Wolverine heading to someone's house, with flowers, when he sees an abandoned truck. He jumps into action, ready to save the innocent. Then we see his girlfriend, Melita, hosting a birthday party in his honor with all of the superhero elite and Deadpool. He crashed....with cheese dip. We also see that Spider-man was left behind at the Avengers mansion. Meanwhile, Wolverine gets caught by some cannibals, brothers called Buford and Boyd, and while they try to decide how to cook him (anyone else flash back to the Hobbit here?), he cuts off one of their hands. Despite his desire to kill them, Logan just rescues the trucker, drops the cannibals off at the police station and gets to Melita just in time to miss his party. We do find out that Logan has been celebrating the wrong birthday all this time. Meanwhile, our cannibals get rescued by a interesting group called The Hand. A fun cliffhanger for the baddies, and Wolverine gets some at the end.

I loved this issue. It gave hints at Wolverine's background but not a crazy amount of detail. It also didn't feel like it was someone writing out a background and forming a story around it. This is a story that new and old readers could enjoy. This truly felt like a jumping on point, which was missing from Iron Man. I started at the beginning of the new story, with some background to catch me up. Now, I want to know who/what The Hand is, and if Logan tangles with them sooner rather than later. Will the cannibals return for vengeance? I want to know about his relationship with Melita. They seem to have a good thing going, which means trouble for them. This story drew me in to this world and connected me with the characters.

Based on Marvel's Point One initiative, I call this a win. I would definitely buy this book again.

My Point One Journey so far:

* Review: The Invincible Iron Man
* My Point One Plan
* The info about the Point One Initiative

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Help out a fellow geek!

At [insertgeekhere], we really do believe in supporting charities we like. So when one of our geek circle wants to support a cause, we want to help!

Jill Pantozzi, aka The Nerdy Bird, formed a team, called the Nerdy Birds, for the MDA Muscle Walk for the Metro NY-NJ area. She is looking for a little financial support from the geek community, and if we all give a little, we could make a big impact.

To learn more about donating to Jill's team, click here.

Any cause that the Nerdy Bird and Batman support is a good cause in my book!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Op/Review - Captain America: A Little Help #1

Over the weekend, I was catching up with one of my favorite webcomics, Gutters, written by the awesome Ryan Sohmer and featuring some of the best artists, known and unknown, currently around. There, it was brought to my attention that Marvel had released an eleven page mini-comic, hoping to address the subject of suicide. I found this very intriguing and immediately went to check it out.

Thank you Marvel for completely dropping the ball on this one. You had a great opportunity to reach out to so many people who are struggling, and you proceeded to turn it into a comic about watching Captain America fight an army and a robot. I think it was Hydra. What was that? Is it because the guy, instead of jumping off the building like he originally intended, just barely survived in the aftermath, now he had the will to live? Is it because he touched Cap's sacred shield that he realized there's so much more to live for? Or was it because Captain America gave him a thumbs up? What was the point?

What kills me is the first few pages started out so strongly. It set up all the reasons this guy felt like he needed to end it all. I'm not saying he was right, I just understand where he was coming from. But then, the comic went to pieces. How do you take a subject as serious as taking one's own life and make it about someone else?

They could have fixed this. If they wanted to keep all that fighting in, then there should have been an additional page or two where Captain America talks to the guy, not just gives him a thumbs up from far away. It was pointed out to me that Captain America probably didn't know what the guy was planning, hence only the thumbs up, but considering the guy was stuck on a tiny platform on the remaining part of a roof, surrounded by destruction, couldn't he have been talked to while being rescued by Captain America? See how simple that is? (Seriously, how did the guy get back to his apartment?)

I've been upset with you before, Marvel, but this one is personal and you screwed up. Big Time. I don't know how you can fix it, but I want it fixed. If there is more to the exploration of this topic and the comic, please let me know, because I don't want to be this angry at you, and I'd really like to think you would handle this subject better. 

Captain America: A Little Help #1 was written by Ursiny Dragotta and drawn by Nick Dragotta. You can see the comic here. Take a look and let us know your thoughts on it.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Favorite Superbowl Ads of 2011

Despite our geekiness, the whole IGH team sat down to watch the Superbowl last night. Even discounting the geektastic trailers for Thor and Captain America, there were some great and horrible commercials this year.

Here are some of our favorite commercials:

And here is the creepiest commercial (even though it's an awesome product):

And this one is just weird:

What was your favorite ad from this year?

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