Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Four Reasons why I'm Excited for Superman

I went and picked up a copy of this week's Entertainment Weekly. I only get it if it has something I really, really, really, really want to read.... like details about the new Superman movie.

I'm not a huge Superman fan; I don't read the comics or obsessively rewatch the movies. I don't even watch Smallville anymore. However, I do think this film has a lot of potential to be a good superhero flick. Here's why.

Four Reasons why I'm Excited for Superman

1- Henry Cavill is a good, hot actor.

I may not be a Superman fan, but I am a Tudors fan. Cavill blew me away in that show. Not just 'cause I think he is pretty but he really takes a character to his full potential. He is due to skyrocket through Hollywood. I think he will bring tremendous talent to the character and the film.

2- With all of the Marvel flicks scheduled to come out, DC needs to remind people they still make films!

And yes, I do know that other DC films are slated for release. Just not as many! Marvel just seems to be all over the place, with at least 6 films coming out over the next 18 months. Compared to DC's two films, no wonder why I feel like all I hear about is Marvel. DC, you have some of my favorite characters, get them up on the big screen already!

3- They need to blow the last so-so Superman out of the water.

It will always be part of the Superman family of films, just not my favorite. This is the one time I really support a "reboot" of the franchise. Please give us a Man of Steel for this decade.

4- Christopher Nolan wrote it.

Do I really need to explain this? Just head over to imdb and take a good look at his filmography. Enough said.

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  1. I think this is a nicely thorough, neatly concise analysis of the Pros of Superman. I've been getting bored with the nay-sayers. The team on this is a HELL of a group, and regardless of the wankery over Cavill, I think he's got the look and the chops to carry it off. :)