Thursday, April 7, 2016

Review: Bloodlines #1

By Reboot

Before DC stops "Batgirling" and starts Rebirthing (Re - Prefix: Definition 1. again 2. back to an original place, condition, etc.) they've decided to send some short series our way. One of which is Amy Chu and Clay Mann's Poison Ivy, which has been an enjoyable look into Poison Ivy as well as Harley Quinn. The latest of these short run series to come out is J. T. Krul and V. Ken Marion's Bloodlines. Its first issue debuted on April 6th.

Bloodlines is arguably one of the most obscure revivals of a title DC has done since the New 52 started (and they did a Sword and Sorcery run!). It was never its own series, but rather a crossover event from 1993. And a really 90's event at that. So 90's. We're talking "aliens that suck out your spinal fluids, but sometimes give you badass 90's superhero powers as a side-effect" 90's. Don't just take my word for it though. Fill yourself in on how 90's it was here.