Monday, March 26, 2012

Who doesn't want a nicer world?

That is a serious question, with a more serious and scary discussion behind it. But let's for a second just imagine a more tolerant world. It would be a place where everyone is accepted, no matter what. Well, one show has dared to imagine a more tolerant world: Husbands, The Series. Husbands, from writers Brad Bell and Jane Espenson, is the first show that shows what the world might be like after we have a national amendment approving Gay Marriage. It follows two celebrities that get married one night in Vegas, and they try to make it work. In the end, they are just like any couple because they are in love.

Take a look at the first episode and you will be hooked:

Wasn't that great?! Now that you are in love, make sure that you help Husbands continue! They are raising money for the second season and are so close to their goal! Check out their kickstarter video now!

Go to their Kickstarter page now and support the world's first marriage equality comedy! Entertainment changes the world, so hopefully Husbands will be an important step in making our world a more tolerant place.

I understand that this can be a volatile issue, so please be nice in the comments below.

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