Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Links for November 6

It's November! Just another reminder to check your clocks for the right time.... But for me, November is the start of the holiday shopping season. My friends hate me but I do get all of the best deals! Other than my shopping addiction, here are some of the week's highlights:

In case you were having trouble with your holiday shopping, Diamond Comics has got you covered with Angry Birds Books.....Yeah, I said that.
(via Robot 6)

My childhood me got exciting news this week with the announcement of a Carmen Sandiego movie. Both Wysefyre and I are huge fans, so it's been a giddy week. This also serves as a warning to JLo that she cannot mess this up!
(via The Mary Sue)

Marvel joins the rest of the comics world with going same day and date digital. Feels like another nail in the local comic shop coffin but makes sense for Marvel.
(via iFanboy)

The White House came out and officially denied any contact with extraterrestrials. I totally believe them. I mean, any government agency that might deal with aliens is probably removed from White House completely for plausible deniability.
(via i09)

Finally, make sure that you enter our Con In A Bag contest! You could win bags full of geeky goodness!

Until next week.....

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