Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dialogue Free Comic Day!

Dialogue Free Comics Day is this Friday, May 13th! In case you haven't heard of this, you are not alone. I only learned about it this morning, thanks to this article from Robot 6.  This is a chance for artists to let their art speak for itself, rather than get bogged down with dialogue.  As Noel Curry, the organizer behind this puts it,

"Too often, when writing my webcomics (Milton’s Life and  DJ Bogtrotter), I forget that this is primarily a visual artform and so to emphasise that, I’ve set myself the challenge of posting a dialogue free comic on that day and I’d like you to join me."

It seems like such a great concept. All too often, I only concentrate on the story and push the art to the backburner, when most of the time the art is so integral to the story.

After reading about this, I started thinking about how hard it must be to tell a story without words. Since I have been suffering from writer's block and missing (self-imposed) deadlines, I suddenly felt inspired to draw my own dialogue-free comic.  Now keep in mind, this event is originally intended for artists with current running web comics to take part in.  Please be kind; this is my first (and probably last) piece of art. 

What I got out of this was a much deeper appreciation for artists. This was also a great cure for my writer's block; after stressing through this, getting words out doesn't seem so stressful!

If you feel inspired to, go ahead and give it a shot! Even if you decide not to draw something, still make sure that you check out Dialogue Free Comics Day!

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