Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning Your Comic Pull List

Borrowed from Londoner's Eye
Hello Spring! Traditionally, spring brings showers, flowers and cleaning.  With all of the traditional spring cleaning going on, make sure you take care of the other aspects of your life. One area I try to take care of is cleaning up my comic pull list. Making sure that you are happy with the pull list is good for you and your local comic shop. It saves you money on your purchases, and it prevents excess stock from cluttering up the shelves.

I have worked out a 6 step process in refreshing your pull list. Please make sure you have enough time to
dedicate to this!

1: Contact your Local Comic Shop for a copy of your pull list.
While I'm sure you are thinking that you know everything on your list. It is possible that something might be on your list that hasn't been published in a while or was added by mistake. This means you won't forget a single title.

2: Pick out the comics that you are dying to read.
You know, the ones where you put down the latest issue and can't believe it is another whole month until you find out what happens. These are definitely keepers and should go on your new list.

3: Look at what you are behind in reading but still buying.
Ask yourself why you are still buying them. Is it because you genuinely love the series or are you just buying because you like the writer/artist/character? Take a hour or two to read the next issue(s). If you want to keep reading, it's a keep. If not, delete it.

4: Look at what's left.
If you are buying something you aren't even reading, it is a delete.

5: What else are you reading?
Take a look at the comics you have been buying that aren't on your list.  If they are something you are dying to read, add them.

6: Add up how much everything costs.
If you can't afford it, go back and prune some more. On average, prices fall between $2.99 and 3.99. You can check a price at Diamond Comics Previews. If you are feeling lazy, you can ballpark it by using $3.99 for all of them except for DC titles.

Now just submit the shiny new list to your LCS and make sure they know it is replacing the old one.

Congrats! Now you can go to get your exciting comics every week and even have some spare room to add new series!

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