Monday, June 4, 2012

My Happy Place

On the subway today, there was an ad about finding your happy place.  Of course, it was their way of convincing you to go to Aruba, but it still got me thinking.  What was my happy place?  What was the one place I was totally happy and at peace?  My answer surprised even me.  The convention floor.

I just love being on the convention floor, wandering through the booths and seeing all the people.  On the con floor, you get to be exposed to some many new things, all at once.  If you are bored, just turn around and look at something new.  Lonely on a line?  Just turn around and make a new friend.  It doesn't even have to be a comic con; I love any convention.  Just being there makes me feel excited and joyful.  I drive Wysefyre and Getsuyobi crazy days before a con, checking and double-checking info.  Even with all my preparation, I never know what I will see or who I will meet.  It is just the most fun a person can have, especially if you are me.

And yes, the jammed-packed floors and heavy bags killing my back do bug me a bit, just like the average person.  But I wouldn't trade them for the world, because being on the floor is still the awesomest place to be.  

So, are there any people out there that agree with me or am I just a crazy person?

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