Saturday, October 12, 2013

NYCC '13: Chat with Georges Jeanty about the Whedonverse

At New York Comic Con, I got a chance to chat briefly with Whedonverse artist Georges Jeanty. And I mean briefly chat. It was exactly 4 min 50 seconds. I timed it. He did confirm some details for me about the upcoming Serenity comics. I also quickly questioned him about any upcoming involvement with Buffy.

Ok, I bulleted all the details for a quick read. Just remember, 

This post is SPOILER-FILLED so if you are allergic to spoilers, go read another tasty article on [insertgeekhere].

NYCC '13: Day Two Recap

Day Two of New York Comic Con always feels like a real con day because it's a totally full convention center. The crowds are double the volume and double the headache.

I opted to skip the people troughs this morning and arrived just before 11. First stop was checking out the latest offering from Mega Bloks. Their new Call of Duty items look fantastic! Then I went on a freebie hunt for a bit, snagging a lot including special collector's item for our bags! I also ran the gauntlet of autographs at Dark Horse comics. I got to chat briefly with Mike Norton and Dennis Hopeless (The Answer!), Bryan J. L. Glass (Furious), Donny Cates (Buzzkill and Hunter Quaid), and Eliot Rahal (Hunter Quaid).

My favorite was sitting down to interview Vivek J. Tiwary and Andrew C. Robinson about their upcoming book The Fifth Beatle. These two guys are great and having read it, I know they have created something amazing.