Saturday, October 12, 2013

NYCC '13: Chat with Georges Jeanty about the Whedonverse

At New York Comic Con, I got a chance to chat briefly with Whedonverse artist Georges Jeanty. And I mean briefly chat. It was exactly 4 min 50 seconds. I timed it. He did confirm some details for me about the upcoming Serenity comics. I also quickly questioned him about any upcoming involvement with Buffy.

Ok, I bulleted all the details for a quick read. Just remember, 

This post is SPOILER-FILLED so if you are allergic to spoilers, go read another tasty article on [insertgeekhere].

1. He is the artist on them. (Seems silly to confirm but what the hell.)

2. They take place post-film. When I pushed him on it, he confirmed that they are also after the Wash memorial one-shot that told us Zoe was preggers.

3. We will get to meet Baby Washburne!!!!!

4. We will see how the events of the film have affected the rest of the characters.

5. Inara has changed dramatically, including her look and her job! Jeanty remarked how much he enjoyed redesigning her from scratch. As he put it "She gets a really bitching cool jacket that I designed."

6. He hinted that there are a lot of returning characters....(Really wish I had gotten details!!)

7. According to Jeanty, the hardest part of Serenity is all the existing design details. Every character has a specific look, the ship has very detailed rooms and if you mess it up, the fans know. The art takes a lot longer because Jeanty wants to get this right!!

8. Jeanty still hopes to do something during Buffy Season 10 but in a small capacity. He also still wants to do something for Angel & Faith someday

9. Zack is definitely writing but Joss still reads the scripts and adds notes.

I have to admit, I'm really excited he is doing the art for this. Jeanty has been a Browncoat since the show aired originally on Fox. Plus, he has always been strong on Buffy. I'm glad he is taking care of the Whedonverse.

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