Friday, April 20, 2012

Ode to Amok Time

I moved this weekend. I finally left the quiet suburbs to join the masses in Brooklyn. I left behind a lot of people and places and my beloved car for a 3 floor walk up A LOT closer to my day job. With only 48 hours till my move, I needed to move quickly in wrapping everything up.

One of the saddest goodbyes was my local comic shop, Amok Time. It is pretty ironic that I just freshened up my pull list for them only a short while ago. Now, I had to cancel that brand new list.

I have been going to Amok for years.  In fact, it was my first comic shop. When I started reading comics, it was to the friendly staff at Amok that I turned to for my Buffy fix. Whenever a new book came out that they thought I would like, they added it to my stack. And I would talk geeky with them like nothing else. 

I have always visited other shops but they were never my central hometown store. I liked having my geeky "Cheers," where everyone knew my name and was happy to see me.

So now I'm completely unpacked and settled in. And yes, it isn't far to go back and visit the staff at Amok Time. I definitely will in fact. Still, it is a sad place to leave behind. 

Thanks to the staff at Amok Time for everything!

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