Thursday, June 16, 2011

Geek-filled Weekend Coming Up!

There are two big things happening for geeks this weekend, and no, I am not talking about Green Lantern.  Here are some June 18th events you need to know about!

This Saturday is Free RPG Day!  Like FCBD, Free RPG Day is designed to encourage players new and old to try a role playing game.   This is happening all over the country, so make sure to call your local gaming store to ask if they are taking part.  If not, get some friends together and play anyway!  It is a great time to be had by all!  
If you are looking for a RPG to try, check out Mistrunner, one of the IGH-supported kickstarter projects.

This Saturday is also the worldwide meet-up for the League of Extraordinary Ladies!  The League of Extraordinary Ladies (LXL) is a group of women and men (yes, men) that want to bring geeks together.  All of us at IGH are proud to be part of LXL and want you to join up too!  This is the first meet-up, with plans happening in LA, NYC, Ontario, England and Ireland.  There are still talks about other locations, so if you are looking for some geeks to meet, just head over to the LXL website or facebook and let everyone know!  You can also learn more about this event with this great interview on Nerds in Babeland.

Enjoy your geektastic weekend!

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