Monday, March 7, 2011

Art Spotlight

Here are a few pieces of art that have really struck me as great over the past few weeks. If you see something that you want featured, email me at

I found this on Agent M's blog. Created by Chris Giarrusso, this throwback to the Peanuts gang is almost as cute as the SuperHero Squad! Make sure you check out his sketchbook!

Beware the Daleks for they shall take over the world! I love this great piece from Jimiyo, although it does make me sad that R2-D2 didn't make it. I bet he put up a hell of a fight though. *sniff sniff* In other great Jimiyo work, he has this epic Vader poster.

This is the first painting, titled Pan Man, from Quinn Michaels that he did on his iPad.... I have an iPad and I have failed to receive these results! He has an amazing gallery on his site that you MUST check out!

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