Tuesday, January 25, 2011

V is pissing me off.


But not for the reasons you think. As you may remember, I'm a big V fan. I enjoyed the show's first season immensely. However, Warner Bros., who produces V, is ruining Season 2 for me.

I was so excited about the premiere. The spoiler clips I saw at NYCC this year were great, and the cast seemed so excited with what's to come. However, the night of the premiere, life got in the way and I missed it. Now I wasn't worried, I knew that I could watch it online. I waited until I had a chance to go on hulu to check it out.

Little did I know that Warner pulled the streaming rights for the show. Not even ABC can show it on their player. I even resorted to trying to get it illegally, but I all I got was a stinkin' virus.

Now, I'm no expert, but if you have a show on the bubble, don't you want to make it available to fans, not to mention, potential new viewers? It seems a little backwards to me to cut off fans. And this happening after the Buffy movie drama makes me think that Warner Bros is out to kill everything I love. Not that I'm paranoid......

Please Warner Bros. GIVE ME BACK MY V!

Rest in Peace, Fantastic Four's......


Jonathan Lowell Spencer "Johnny" Storm, aka The Human Torch of the Fantastic Four, was killed today in an epic battle to save humanity from the creatures of the Negative Zone. He was instrumental in closing the barrier and protecting us all. Storm was known for all the good he accomplished since receiving his powers. He truly lit the way for Justice and Decency throughout the world and inspired so many.

"He was my hero." says 5-year old Ricky Jackson.

He is survived by his teammates Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and sister Sue Storm Richards.

Fantastic Four will never be
the same without you.