Thursday, September 1, 2011

My first thoughts on Justice League #1

Well, the fated day is here. Justice League has arrived, kicking off the DCnU. Despite all of my worries, I was strangely excited to read this issue. Something so familiar yet so unfamiliar all wrapped up in a shiny cover.  In case, you didn't know, the DCnU and this issue are the brainchild of Jim Lee, the artist, and Geoff Johns, the writer.

I don't think I really gave any spoilers but if you are spoiler-sensitive, you may want to bookmark this page and read it after you read Justice League.  

In this first issue, they show how the JLA starts at the very beginning. We get small doses of a few of the Justice League members but not everyone shows up.  They don't even get along or want to play together.  One character even tells another, "this is my turf, go back to yours." 

In the DCnU, everything is brand-new and that includes superheroes. The public doesn't know what to make of them! As the book goes on, I'm excited to see how they work public opinion into the story.

As the art goes, I like it but it is a style that will take a while to get used to. Everyone seems to have the same chiseled jaw. It started to bug me out. To me, the characters still read the same, but the look is definitely different.

I loved the premise of this first issue so much. I even wrote a quick "movie trailer guy" speech. Just imagine him saying it in that deep, deep voice.

"In a world that doesn't understand what a superhero is, masked vigilantes start to appear. These mysterious individuals seem to have extraordinary abilities that no human can possess. They are each alone on the planet, never knowing others like them, until today....."

I know, I'm cheesy.  ;)

One thing I almost missed is the final DC Nation column. It is being revamped as the DC All Access column to fit the new Universe. I don't really see this making a big impact, unless they add more extras, which I doubt. Still, it's a good thing to know.

So, how did you like Justice League #1? Hopefully, it made you hungry for more, because it looks like the DCnU is here to stay!

Side note: How long are we going to call it the DC New Universe? When does it just go back to being the DCU?

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